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The S.P.I.E. Philosophy

Experiencing or living with a haunting can be stressful and embarrassing to some people, we understand this through our own personal experiences. We at S.P.I.E. approach each investigation with professionalism and respect for both the living and the dead. Your privacy is our primary concern; your personal information will NEVER be released and any video, photographic, or recorded evidence will require your authorization before it is made public. We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization and will never request money from those who contact us.

Science is consistently making known what was once unknown. New discoveries previously thought impossible are made every day, which is also our goal. We approach each investigation skeptically, searching for evidence to believe instead of believing in what has not been proven. With each bit of evidence collected, the paranormal community comes one step closer to understanding the invisible world surrounding us.

We do not enlist the aid of psychics, but instead prefer to uncover the history of a location through research and interviews. We also do not use dowsing rods; they are too easily manipulated. This is not to say these means are unsuccessful, but we are looking for more solid proof. We utilize cameras (both video and still), audio recording, EMF detection, temperature meters and motion detectors, to name a few of the pieces of equipment used on an investigation. To prevent tainted evidence we also require that team members stay in groups with a minimum of two members at any one time.

If you or someone you know believes thry have experienced a haunting and would like assistance in understanding what has happened, please contact us.

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