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We're back for 2008 with all new investigations!
Due to unavoidable issues we were forced to leave the investigative field for a few years but we're back for 2008 and ready to go!  We hope you can join us!

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Our Mission:
The Society for Paranormal Investigation and Evaluation is a Not-for-Profit group of Oklahoma Paranormal Investigators. Our goal is to find solid evidence explaining the paranormal and to bring answers to those who believe they have experienced paranormal activity.  All of our investigations are confidential unless otherwise requested by they site owners.
We are not "ghost hunters", but instead conduct each investigation with skeptical but receptive minds and in a technically minded manner.  Our investigations include audio and video recording, photography, EMF meters, and motion sensors to name a some of our equipment. 
We only consider something paranormal when it can not be defined or explained by any other means.  We perform extensive research before entering any location and we perform additional research if any anomolies are found during the evaluation of our data. Any evidence found is reported to the property owners. 

Are you asking yourself, "Is my house or business haunted?  Email us for the answers you been looking for.
Interested in joining the S.P.I.E. team? 
Complete our online application.
We are currently seeking members for our research department.   Serious inquireis only.  The members of S.P.I.E. are not ghost hunters or ghost busters. We are interested in the scientific aspects of the paranormal.  Please read our Philosophy page for more about our views.

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News and Events

Visit our new Message Board for 2008.  Join in discussions on the paranormal in Oklahoma and across the world, add your photos or EVP to have them evaluated by the team, or just stop by to introduce yourself.

Is your home or business haunted? Contact us for the answers you've been looking for.

Watch here for our 2008 investigations:
> Eastern Oklahoma Grade School (2008)
> Yukon Residence (2008)
Previous Investigations:

Current Research Projects:
> The Bermuda Triangle - The answer to the centuries old question, "What is the Bermuda Triangle?" has eluded curious minds for years.  Dozens upon dozens of ships and aircraft have been lost in this mysterious area of the ocean.  We will take a closer look at this mysterious phenomenon over the next few months, contacting "experts" and attempting to locate family members of those who have been lost over the years.

S.P.I.E. is a proud supporter of the Oklahoma Historical Society!
S.P.I.E. is not a member of the Society for Paranormal Investigation (SPI).  We are a seperate entity.  To contact SPI, please visit their webiste at www.paranormalghost.com.

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