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Oklahoma's Little People


In Cherokee beliefs, many stories reference Little People who are said to be a race of mystical beings that live in rock caves and in the forest. Approximately knee high to the average person, they are said to be handsome with hair so long it almost touches the ground. There are three tribes of Little People: the Laurel People who are mischievous, the Rock People who are said to be spiteful for the loss of their land, and the Dogwood People who are good natured and helpful.

The Laurel People teach us through their mischievous nature to take life with ease and enjoy ourselves, sharing that joy with others.

The Rock People are believed to steal children as a way of getting even and showing us that if you do harm to someone else, it will come back on you.

The Dogwood People believe that you should help others out of the goodness of your heart without expecting anything in return.

Sometimes called Brownies, other Native American tribes have their Little People as well; the Iroquois believe there are two tribes, one mischievous and another who are healers.

For more indepth information please see Living Stories of the Cherokee, by: Barbara R., ed.. Chapel Hill: U of NC Press, 1998. pp. 68-70

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