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OKC Residential 1 – Preliminary Investigation


October 31, 2005

7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

69 degrees Fahrenheit

60% Humidity



Sony Handycam with Infrared Vision

Kodak 35mm camera

Sony Mini Analog Recorder

RadioShack Full Size Analog Recorder

Gaussmeter (EMF)

Digital Thermometer with external thermostat


Property History-

Built: 1955, recently remodeled

Deaths: None of record

Currently unoccupied and without any source of power

New windows with no drafts


Reported Activity:

Homeowner reports being touched at approximately 4:00a.m. one morning while working on renovations.  The general feeling of people who have visited the home is of unease as if someone is constantly watching them.



Upon arrival, the team did a preliminary walkthrough of the home mapping the general layout and placement of any doors or windows.  The team set up in the main living area in the central part of the home.  The location was very quiet with the exception of two instances.


Note: We have taken into account that this home is 50 years old and like any home will have sounds of settling, we are not classifying these two instances as paranormal but did document them since each instance came in direct response to a question posed by the team.


8:45 p.m. Main Living Area: While trying to prompt a response, the lead investigator requested that a noise be made to “let us know you’re here”.  Immediately after the request was made, the team did document a “knocking” sound on the wall from an adjoining room. After this instance a request was made to confirm the sound was of possible paranormal origin and not the house settling, “If that was you, please knock on the wall again.”  A “knocking” sound was documented once again, this time from the nearby entryway.  The first instance of this knocking was too far away from the video camera to be picked up on audio, but the second knocking was on the wall next to the camera and can be heard very clearly.  The S.P.I.E. team were the only individuals in the house at this time, and the sound seemingly comes from one of the homes internal walls (not from sources outside the home).  (Video of this instance will be added soon!)


9:45 p.m. Master Bedroom:  While making another walkthrough of the home, the two team members on site were in the Master Bedroom facing each other and discussing the investigation when the EMF meter suddenly squelched with activity.  The instance was so quick neither person noticed the exact number reached on the meter, but upon review of the audio…the meter can be heard and immediately after the meter activity the audio recorder has a slight sound malfunction.  From where the two investigators were standing we can only surmise that “something” passed directly between them causing the activity on each piece of equipment.  Of course by scientific standards this could have just been a coincidence, but we believe it to be a very interesting occurrence.  Audio of this occurance will be added soon!


In Conclusion:  We did obtain a few orbs on video that do not appear to be dust particles and we will disclose those here for further evaluation.  We also obtained one “Class C” EVP, which at this point we have not been able to determine what is being said.  Both video and audio will be added soon!


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